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iGeeks Media (www.igeekblog.in) is an independent tech media platform focused primarily on Apple and other technology. Our news and editorial team covers articles and reports related to Apple's national and international policies, rumors, product launches, services business and all things business. At IGeeks Media we provide our readers with high quality news, analysis, opinions and editorials with expert opinion and commentary along with appropriate research and analysis.

Birth of IGX Media

When two geeks share the same passion for cutting-edge technologies, the result is predictable. This happens to Farhan and Zaid, who are passionate about Apple's communications technology and its products / services. And the result is iGeeks Media, affectionately iGB. 

The pair share a remarkable passion for innovative gadgets, a general interest to explore Apple devices and an unmatched desire to experiment with the most luxurious gadgets.

In 1980, Apple stated, "Soon there will be two types of people. Those who use computers, and those who use apples ”. It goes without saying that Farhan and Zaid belong to many other people. It is the superiority of Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, AirPods that forces both to cover, monitors all their unique aspects and more importantly, share experiences with like-minded people Do it

Our Goals

The team dreams of gaining a respected place in the world of iGeeks technology and online media and wants to stay ahead of the curve.

We are on a mission to broadcast news and information about Apple. In our efforts, we leave no stone unturned in collecting the correct information from the actual source.

Core Values

Together we grow. We believe in collective efforts that lead us to success. The entire iGeeksTeam is part of our achievement. When talented people come together with passion and discipline, success lies in distance.

Contact us for feedback on the news reports, applications, software and stuff we publish. We also welcome advertising inquiries. Shoot us a mail at [email protected]

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