Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Brayan: Fastlane 2021 Updates

 Roman Reigns beat Daniel Bryan to hold the WWE Universal Championship in the midst of a potential Edge heel turn. The completion saw Roman Reigns faintly tap out to the Yes Lock, however neither the authority or exceptional implementer Edge saw it. All things considered, Edge separated the accommodation with a steel chairshot to the two Reigns and Bryan prior to stomping off. Edge's chairshot was a receipt for a coincidental chairshot from Bryan to Edge.

Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan, Edge and Roman Reigns have functioned admirably together in building a reasonable WrestleMania headliner. As a matter of fact, Bryan has been so imbued in this storyline of late, there has been some hypothesis that Daniel Bryan could be ultimately added to the WrestleMania matchup among Reigns and Edge.

"That being said, I don't think Edge and Roman need Daniel Bryan associated with the story. What I really do believe is energizing for the fans is that now there is a ton of uncertainty about the match you will see at WrestleMania," expressed Bryan in a meeting with Sports Illustrated (h/t Essentially Sports).

"I feel that is truly fun. Will it be me and Edge? Or on the other hand me in a triple-danger? Or then again Edge and Roman? The more enthusiasm you rustle up for this, the better it is for everyone."

Bryan was likewise added to what might have been a fiasco of a WrestleMania headliner at WrestleMania 30 out of 2014. That headliner saw Bryan rout Batista and Randy Orton in what was his particular WrestleMania second. By his own affirmation, this year could see his last WrestleMania.

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Reigns' director Paul Heyman has fanned the fire that Reigns versus Edge at WrestleMania isn't permanently established. On the latest version of "Talking Smack," Heyman utilized his strong "spoiler" slogan to prod the WrestleMania match would change.

"The headliner of WrestleMania itself can change," Heyman cautioned.

"Presently, the expectation and petitioning God is that Daniel Bryan will tap out Roman Reigns, and we get to Daniel Bryan versus Edge in the headliner of WrestleMania, eliminating Roman Reigns from the situation. In any case, that is not how the headliner of WrestleMania will change. Your spoiler is that the headliner of WrestleMania will change. In any case, not in how everybody is imagining."

The completion groupings to this match never really suppressed the hypothesis that the WrestleMania headliner will stay a one-on-one match between Roman Reigns and Edge.

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