How to check if someone has blocked you on iMessage in 2021

 Am I blocked on iMessage? A question that pops into your head when your friend or acquaintance specifically takes a long time to answer…

How to check if someone has blocked you on iMessage in 2021

Of course, it is possible that the recipient is busy or experiencing network issues. But how can you know for sure

While there is no specific way to discover the truth, there are some hints or hacks to find out if someone has blocked you on iMessage. Let's explore these tricks one by one.

1. Check iMessage Bubble Color on iPhone

If you are blocked on iMessage, the message will still be sent as usual; This is why it is very difficult to find out if you are blocked or not.

Apple uses a blue text bubble to denote green bubbles for iMessage and SMS. When send as iMessages cannot go through, and the SMS setting is enabled, the iPhone re-sends messages via cellular.

So, if your chat history suddenly sports a green text bubble and a 'Send as text message' message under the message instead of blue, this is a signal.

How to check if someone has blocked you on iMessage in 2021

It can also be caused by network issues at the other end. Let us proceed to the next step for further clarity.

2. Check the status of iMessage delivery

Using an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, iMessage shows acknowledgment or delivered notifications of recently sent messages - if they enabled it for your contact, ie. But if you cannot see any such situation, here is another possible strike.

How to check if someone has blocked you on iMessage in 2021

Again, this can also happen when the receiver's Do Not Disturb mode is on. When they turn off DND mode, they receive delivery notifications. So, if the status is not updated on your end even after some time, you may be in the blocked list.

3. Make A Call or FaceTime to the person who has blocked you

If someone blocks you, you cannot send them imams, calls or FaceTime. If your number is blocked, the next step is to test to make a call.

The interesting thing is that when you call the blocker, the phone rings only once and then notifies you of voicemail or disconnection. For FaceTime, it will look as if the receiver has immediately declined the call.

It can also be caused by network problems and DND mode. To know the actual situation, you may have to call the person again after some time.

If you are blocked, the same thing will happen every time you try to call.

4. Turn off caller ID on iPhone and call blocker

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Either call the person from an alternate number or disable your caller ID and send the call your way.

To disable caller ID:

  1. Open Settings → scroll down and tap Phone.
  2. Tap Show My Caller ID and toggle it to disable it.

How to check if someone has blocked you on iMessage in 2021

If the person answers to your call call, then the result is quite clear.

5. Double-check with WhatsApp messages

The smartest trick of them all. Usually, when someone blocks you on one place, they might block you on other social media accounts also

Send a WhatsApp message to the person who might blocked you and use these tricks to know if you have been blocked. The method provides a win-win solution. You will either find out that you are blocked or can ask a friend directly why they are not replying to you on iMessage.

Being blocked by someone can really hurt, but it is wise to let others make their own decisions. Therefore, I would advise you to find out if you have been blocked by anyone on iMessage and then respect their privacy.

I hope we able to answer your question "How do you know if you've blocked someone on iMessage?" 

For any other iPhone related questions, feel free to comment below for troubleshooting assistance.

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