Trains To Bring Home Migrants New Flashpoint Between BJP And Trinamool

Trains To Bring Home Migrants New Flashpoint Between BJP And Trinamool

New Delhi: Politics between the Center and West Bengal is heating up amid the epidemic. For the past one month, several letter missiles were flown from Delhi to Kolkata with a series of officers mostly from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Now Home Minister Amit Shah has taken part in the fight and has written to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, accusing her of preventing "labor" special trains from entering the state and preventing them from coming home.
The Home Minister wrote to Ms. Banerjee that it was leaked on Saturday morning, leading to a day-to-day backlash between the Center and the state as to who to blame and for whom.

The letter bomb letter led to opposition from the Trinamool Congress, which shared eight papers from Bengal to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Punjab to bring back eight trains with migrants.

Letters were written on 8 May and Mr Shah was asked to remove him from politics on "labor" special trains. Trinamool MLA Abhishek Banerjee reacted with a tweet for the first time, stating, "An HM that fails to discharge its duties during this crisis speaks after a week-long silence, only to leave people with a bundle of lies." To confuse! Iron he is talking about the very PP who '! Is literally left to luck by his own government. Mr. @AmitShah, your fake Prove Ropon or apology. "

This was followed by a 90-minute press meet by three Trinamool leaders, attacking the home minister for playing politics amid the epidemic. Letters were shared from the Chief Secretary of Bengal to his counterparts in several states including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Punjab, indicating that Bengal was at work.

Eight trains from four states will bring back 32,000 migrants in the next few days.

Trinamool Derek said, "Bengal has been targeted. All this is being targeted by bureaucrats and agencies. But today the cat is out of the bag as the Honorable Home Minister of India today attacked Bengal without any fact. " O'Brien said.

He said, "Mamta Banerjee is not doing any politics. The Home Minister's letter reached the media in Delhi before he reached the CM office. A whole bunch of lies about what is happening in Bengal to Mr. Amit Shah." Apologies should be given for spreading. . "They are doing it with the test kit, they are doing it with the IMCT (central) teams and now they are doing it with this letter as well."

However, Union Minister of State and BJP MLA from Asansol, Babul Supriyo, said that Bengal was motivated to take some action only after Mr. Shah's letter to Mr. Banerjee. State BJP chief Dilip Ghosh added an appeasement twist.

Ghosh said, "The Bengal government is indifferent to migrants. Only two trains have come to Bengal from two different places and one of them has brought back pilgrims from the political community and not migrant workers." Ghosh said, "All the earlier letters did not work. So the Home Minister has written and the Bengal government is definitely in trouble."

Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader MD Salim blamed both sides for the weak political battle. "The BJP and the Trinamool have turned the epidemic into an epidemic," he said. "The center should arrange for trains for migrants to return home. The state should arrange for them to screen and quarantine when they return. Nothing like this is happening. We have trained volunteers to screen and manage returns Is offered to do. But who are listening? "

The clarity is missing that migrants will be brought back in the next few days due to state intervention. According to sources, Maharashtra had to cancel the two trains as the Bengal government did not respond to its letters to obtain "consent of the destination state", which is mandatory.

So far, two trains have arrived in Bengal, one from Ajmer in Rajasthan and the other from Ernakulam in Kerala, carrying around 2,400 passengers.

Sources said that the process of getting eight more trains is underway. The Ministry of Railways tweeted this evening, "However, WB has not approved any trains from Maharashtra, while WB requires 16 trains and currently 6 requests are pending, for which approval is still awaited from WB . "

The ministry tweeted that at the request of Mr. Shah, Bengal approved two trains from Punjab, two from Tamil Nadu, three from Karnataka and one from Telangana.

The chronology is manipulated. Did Bengal take the first step or did Mr. Shah force Bengal to take action? Political questions are arising on how to bring migrants home, how to find and test them.

Meanwhile, the Bengal helpline for migrants is busy and migrants complain on every occasion how difficult it is to make contact, so they can take the first step to go home.

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