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Best Web Hosting Services 2020

Want to jump straight to answer? The best among the shared hosting company for most people is definitely Bluehost.

So, here in this article we will see the best shared hosting for 2020

Shared hosting provides you the best value per dollar. Not only is web hosting cheaper, you will get more than enough power for your site.

Almost every hosting provider offers shared web hosting.

So which one is the best?

I've noticed that a lot of website owners just choose the first or cheapest option they find. Then down the road, they are running into problems with their website. You don't want this to happen with you.

This is why I have taken the time to research and identify the best shared hosting plans on the market today. You will save money and avoid problems with your site later.

Whether you are launching a new site from scratch or want to change the hosting provider, you can use this guide to find the best option for your new website.

Compare the top 7 best shared hosting services 2020

If you need a shared hosting plan for your website, these are the providers you should consider.

  • Bluehost - The best "unlimited" plan.
  • SiteGround - Best for ascending your shared hosting plan.
  • Dreamhost - Best Cheap Shared Hosting Provider.
  • InMotion - Best for quick and accessible support.
  • HostGator - Cost effective with great support.
  • A2 Hosting - Best for speed and site migration.
  • iPage - The most direct and cheapest pricing.

#1 - Bluehost

Bluehost stands out for its performance compared to other web hosting companies. They are certainly nothing short of competition in terms of competition and speed.

Like most hosting providers, Bluehost offers a wide variety of plans with different types and price points. However, unlike most providers, we've seen that offering two or three plan options, Bluehost has four.


 Starts at $ 2.95 per month (renews at $ 7.99)
 1 website
 Without bandwidth
 50 GB SSD Storage
 1 domain included
 25 subdomains


 Starts at $ 5.45 per month (renews at $ 10.99)
 Unlimited websites
 Without bandwidth
 Unlimited SSD storage
 Unlimited domains
 Spam expert
 Office 365 mailbox (free for 30 days)

Choice Plus

 Starts at $ 5.45 per month (renewed at $ 14.99)
 Unlimited websites
 Without bandwidth
 Unlimited SSD storage
 Unlimited domains
 Spam expert
 Domain privacy
 Site backup


 Starts at $ 13.95 per month (renewed at $ 23.99)
 Unlimited websites
 Without bandwidth
 Unlimited SSD storage
 Unlimited domains
 2 spam experts
 Domain privacy
 Site backup
 Dedicated IP

Overall, the Choice Plus plan is my best overall choice of these options. Similar to a Plus plan with a starting price, it is worth paying a few extra bucks per month when it comes time for renewal.

I really can't justify the price jump for the Pro plan. You get additional spam protection and a dedicated IP. But if they are a priority for you, you may get an upgraded plan elsewhere.

Bluehost is a top choice for new or beginner websites that plan scaling in the near future. They provide you with the ability to upgrade your plan as needed with just a few clicks.

So if your site is brand new and you are not planning to prioritize traffic for a few years, you can definitely get away from the original plan for the time being.

Bluehost pricing is straightforward, but they will charge you for add-ons.

To get the best possible rate, then you need to lock in your plan for 36 months. This is why I lean towards Choice Plus more than Plus and Basic packages. Even if you are paying a little extra for resources that are unused right now, it is worth it when your site eventually scales.

It will only cost you an additional $ 30 per year to go with Basic Plus on Choice Plus for the first three years. This is a great price for a reliable shared hosting service.

#2 - SiteGround

While shared hosting is usually for new or smaller websites, SiteGround is a great option because it gives you space on a scale. They provide three different shared plans, each with more web space and the ability to handle more monthly visitors.

So you can start with their entry level plan, and eventually upgrade as your site popularity.

Here is a brief description of the three shared hosting plans of SiteGade:

Start up

Starting at $ 3.95 per month (renewed at $ 11.95)
 Hosting for 1 website
 10 GB web space
 Appropriate for around 10,000 monthly visitors


• Starting at $ 5.95 per month (updated at $ 19.95).
• Hosting for unlimited sites.
• 20 GB web space.
• Appropriate for about 25,000 monthly visitors.


• Starting at $ 11.95 per month (renewed at $ 34.95)
• Hosting for unlimited sites
• 30 GB web space
• Suitable for approximately 100,000 monthly visitors

If your website is brand new, you probably won't get 10,000 monthly visitors for some time. But with that, I would still recommend the GrowBig plan over the startup option.

The introductory rate is only $ 2 per month more, and when your site finally scales it can accommodate more than double the monthly traffic.

Also, the GrowBig plan comes with on-demand backup and a free site transfer. This is an important feature for those who are switching to SiteGed from another hosting provider.

The GoGeek plan is for smaller, simpler websites that are expecting tons of website traffic. I'm sure most of you wouldn't fall into this category, but I know you're a handful from there.

GoGeek comes with 3 levels of super-caching, white-label, advanced priority support, client management services and pre-installed Git.

#3 - DreamHost

Some of you are just looking for a cheap web hosting plan. DreamHost has cost-effective shared hosting without sacrificing performance.

Dreamhost shared hosting is simplified. They offer only two plans which are both very straightforward.

Shared Starter

• Starting at $ 2.59 per month
• Hosting for 1 website
• 5 subdomains
• Email starting at $ 1.67 per month
• 50 GB site storage

Shared Unlimited

• Starting at $ 5.95 per month
• Hosting for unlimited websites
• Unlimited subdomains
• Email included
• Unlimited site storage

Shared starter plan is the best option for brand new blogs and websites. There is a lot of site storage and it comes with five sub-domains. The biggest downside is that email accounts from your domain are not included, but you can add that option.

I would recommend the Shared Unlimited plan as it comes with additional benefits like email, unlimited subdomains and unlimited storage.

Both plans come with a WP site builder, WordPress pre-installed, SSD storage and a free SSL certificate.

DreamHost guarantees a 100% uptime rate. If they fail to deliver on that promise, you will receive compensation for each hour of downtime, which is up to 10% of your next pre-paid renewal fee.

They also offer a 97-day money-back guarantee. In my experience, 30 days seems to be the industry standard. So DreamHost actually stands behind their product by tripling that period.

For those of you who already have a WordPress site, DreamHot Experts will transfer the site to your new account for a $ 99 fee. If you fall into this category, I strongly recommend availing this service.

#4 - InMotion

For those who prioritize customer support, InMotion hosting will be a top choice for you.

Their rates fall between Sitegade and Dreamhost. However, the price jumps for InMotion's renewal rates are not as stiff as the competition. You do not have to worry about paying triple price when it comes time to renew your plan.

InMotion has three shared hosting plans for you to choose from.


• $ 6.39 per month (updated at $ 7.99)
• 2 website
• Unlimited disk space
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited email
• Free ssl


• $ 8.49 per month (renewed at $ 9.99)
• 6 website
• Unlimited disk space
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited email
• Free ssl


• $ 14.71 per month (updated at $ 15.99)
• Unlimited websites
• Unlimited disk space
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited email
• Free ssl

All shared hosting plans come with a free domain, marketing tool and security suite.

Unlike other plans seen so far, InMotion's entry-level plan offers hosting for more than one website, unlimited disk space, and unlimited email. This is a great value for the price.

The launch plan is the best option for the new websites and blogs. Power is built for small business websites, and pro plans are made for developers and growing businesses.

Compared to some other providers on our list, InMotion really stands out when it comes to their customer support. This is definitely something to keep in mind as a new website owner.

If you are having trouble and neep help, it is good to know that their team is available 24/7 for you.

For those of you who decide to go with the Pro plan, you will get 99.9% uptime guarantee. If InMotion fails to fulfill that promise, you will get credit towards free hosting.

In terms of credit, all InMotion shared hosting plans come with $ 150 in free advertising credits, which can be very useful for a new website. This is a great way to gain some performance through popular search engines.

#5 - HostGator

HostGator is another cheap shared hosting option. But for a cost-effective hosting solution, they still provide a lot of support.

All HostGator shared plans come with unmetered bandwidth, unmetered storage, a free SSL certificate and free domain. Pricing for each is:

• Hatchling plan - starts at $ 2.75 per month (renewed at $ 6.95)
• Baby Plan - Starting at $ 3.95 per month (renewed at $ 9.95)
• Business Plan - Starts at $ 5.95 per month (Updated at $ 14.95)

Both the Baby and Business plans come with unlimited domains, while the hatching plan is for a single domain.

The business plan comes with additional benefits such as a free dedicated IP, free SEO tools and a free upgrade to positive SSL.

Overall, HostGator is a great value. New customer rates are definitely at the lower end of the spectrum, but renewal rates are not very expensive. Also, you can lock in the introductory rate for three years.

HostGator offers a $ 100 Google AdWords credit and a $ 100 Bing advertising credit for all shared hosting plans.

If you are considering HostGator, I would recommend a business plan, even for beginners.

It is not often that I choose top tier pricing as a plan for all. But with HostGator, I think the price for that plan is the best. The add-ons that come with the business plan are worth the high price. Ultimately, it is less than $ 15 per month even after your renewal.

In addition to 24/7 server monitoring, 24/7 live chat and phone support, HostGator has over 500 video tutorials and nearly 700 help articles if you want to learn how to do things on your own. They also provide very solid cloud hosting.

#A2 Hosting

A2 is another top option for shared hosting. They offer one of the fastest shared hosting services available on the market today.

Here is a simultaneous comparison of their three shared hosting plans.

A2 Hosting offers affordable prices for all their plans. The introductory rate runs counter to some of the lowest we have seen in this guide.

That said, I would at least go with the Swift plan.

While the Light plan is the cheapest, you can also upgrade to get unlimited databases, even if you are not planning to take advantage of unlimited websites.

When you first sign up, Swift is less than $ 1 per month, and only $ 2 per month more when you renew. The additional $ 24 per year is double the value of resources.

For those of you who need speed, the turbo plan will be best for you. This is probably the fastest shared hosting plan offered by any provider on our list. The A2 is already known for its speed, and Turbo is their top for the line sharing scheme.

It gets $ 18.99 when you upgrade, cheaper than some of the other high-end plans seen so far. Overall A2 hosting is priced in the mid range as compared to the competition.

In addition, A2 Hosting offers free site migration for their shared plans. If you miss, other providers charge extra for this service.

They also have excellent customer support, which is always a nice bonus. Overall, I can't find anything bad to say about A2's shared hosting plans. See my full A2 hosting review for more information about their other features and plans.

#7 - iPage

Unlike other providers in our list who have multiple plan options, iPage offers just one plan for shared web hosting.

It is as straightforward as it is about it. Their plan costs $ 1.99 per month when you sign up and $ 7.99 per month when renewing. Overall, it definitely puts them in the best cheap web hosting category.

Even though they offer lower prices, iPage has great features:

• Unlimited disk space
• Scalable bandwidth
• Unlimited domains
• Free ssl certificate
• Free domain for one year
• Free e-commerce integration
• 24/7 phone and live chat support

Many are "free" and "unlimited" for such a low-cost plan. Even though iPage advertises a free online store, PayPal Integration and other ecommerce features, I will not use them if you have an ecommerce site.

Overall, iPage is best for small websites. Be aware, they charge extra for things like site transfer, but this is expected for low-cost web hosts.

So, I hope you liked this article about best shared hosting plans for the year 2020, please do comment if you have any queries.

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