Karnataka Launched Pilot Project To Deliver Products Using Phone and WhatsApp

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa on  22nd April, Tuesday launched a "Pilot Project" to order essential goods to people by phone or using WhatsApp during the lockdown imposed to break the chain of coronovirus infection to their people.

State administration officials said that the project was to ensure that no one violated the lockout by stepping in to get essential goods including vegetables, grocery or medicine.

The pilot project has already been launched in Bengaluru and people can call ont this phone number 08061914960 and provide necessary details such as their name, phone number and address and specify nearby stores from where they want the item.

The service will be provided through neighboring Kiran stores or nearest stores which have special items in stock. After placing the order, customers will receive a confirmation on SMS and a delivery partner will deliver the goods, payment for which can be made via e-wallet, card or cash.

The service is similar on WhatsApp.

The government believes that this will harm not only the home but also the elderly. There is a nominal service fee of Rs 10 for each order and contactless delivery is possible.

With preliminary testing conducted in Katriguppay and some other areas of South Bengaluru, some customers said they were grateful for the service.

Summa, a housewife from Girinagar, said, "With the lockdown in force, it was a challenge to get things earlier but now it is very easy."

However, some complained that service was slow and took several hours and others stated that the specific brands ordered were not available.

A government official said that they are working with distribution partners to ensure that it improves in the next few days. The official said that if the administration intends to make this experiment successful

"There are 19 hotspots in Bangalore with the intention of stopping the spread of Kovid-19 and thanks to an effective seal, hardly any new cases have happened in the city in the last few days," the official said.

Karnataka's primary and secondary education minister Suresh Kumar said that the state has registered 10 new positive cases, with a cumulative total of 418, including 17 deaths and 129 holidays.

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