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Is your iPhone storage buried deep in folders where you can't see them, by an app you don't use? If you want to know how to delete an app on iPhone, this tip will show you the fastest way to delete apps, even if you are not sure where the app is in your phone. You can delete apps and quickly remove app data from the App Store, without having to find out the exact location of the app on your iPhone. This is a great way to free up storage and get rid of apps you never use. Read on to find out how to delete an app on iPhone.

How To Delete Apps On iPhone Quickly

1. Open the App Store.
2. Tap your profile picture in the top right.
3. Scroll down to the Recent Updates or Available Updates section.

                                                              4. Find the app you want to remove, and swipe left.
5. Tap Delete.
6. When prompted, confirm by tapping Delete again.


Now, the app will be removed from your iPhone. You can remove as many apps as you like and quickly free up some storage space. This will also destroy the data, so your mysterious other storage category should also go down!

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