Facebook Will Now Pay You For Your Voice Recordings | How To Earn From Facebook Viewpoints

The organization reported on Thursday that a few clients would be offered to pay for voice recording. The move comes after Facebook - just as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft - got discovered tuning in and translating voice accounts to improve discourse acknowledgment frameworks without telling their clients.

           How To Earn From Facebook Viewpoints

Facebook will allow you to make voice recordings in your Viewpoints Market Research app as part of a new program called "Accent". If you qualify to be part of the program, Facebook says you will be able to record the phrase "hee portal" followed by the first name of a friend on your friend list. You will be able to do this with a maximum of 10 friends' names, and you will have to record each statement twice.

Facebook won't pay much for your recording, though. If you complete a set of recordings, you get 200 points in the View Points app - and you cannot cache the View Points app until you earn at least 1,000 points. This only translates into a $ 5 reward through PayPal. However, Facebook says that users can be given the opportunity to perform five sets of recordings, hence the ability to meet and pay the 1,000-point target.

Facebook states that voice recordings provided by thier users shall not be linked to their Facebook accounts and they will not share viewpoint activity on Facebook or other Facebook-owned services without permission.

The pronunciation program will be available to US users older than 18 who have more than 75 Facebook friends. Facebook says that it will end the program gradually, so it will not be available to all users right now. If it is made available to you, you won't need to update the viewpoint app to see it, the company says.

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