iOS 14: Release Date, Features, Rumors etc

iOS 14 Latest Features, Release Date 

iOS enthusiasts are giving ideas of the features they expect from iOS 14. What people want most of all is the added option and always the performance. Apple has never occupied a display field like Android, meaning they are still behind. People who have it in their devices are able to see time or alerts at a glance. The Apple Watch has that functionality, and that's why fans are expecting it on phones too.

iOS 14 Features :

More Features That Are Likely To Be On iOS 14

The biggest feature expected in the new iOS version is 5G games and 5G wireless technology support. People are also expecting it to be able to insert a link in an email without using copy and paste. This would be great because many people use iPhones at work. This feature can also be included in mail apps and even 3G mailing apps like Gmail.

The organization can additionally make sure to filter for spam calls. A setting called Silence Unknown Callers will send voicemail to callers. This means that your own phone will not ring.

Another thing that we are hoping the new iOS will provide is augmented reality. Experts have always worked on augmented reality features and kits for a long time. Therefore, we are confident that this time they will provide more of them. We are also expecting them to bring gadgets like augmented reality glasses which we have heard that they are making.

Split View Concept Of New Apple Version

There was a designer who gave ideas regarding a new feature for the new iOS version. It was shared on YouTube, where people could watch the split view on the mobile Apple OS.

iOS 14 Features :

The concept also showed what it would look like if the iPhone was capable of operating 2 applications at the same time. Furthermore, he showed what it would look like if people were able to drag and drop things from one application to another. The issue is that the iPhone may contain a secret document containing icons that can be used to launch it next to any running application.

Call Notifications Based On Banners

Whenever someone calls on the Apple iPhone, the alert takes over the entire display. This has been happening since the iPhone came on the market in 2007. But that year, the phone did not have lead roles. Now smartphones have advanced, we are now using them to send messages, capture videos, play Novolin Automaten, and more. This is why incoming calls should not be on full screen.

iOS 14 Features :

With this in mind, we believe that Apple needs to cease full-screen call notifications, especially when someone is doing something else on the phone. Therefore, we are expecting to see an Android-esque call banner that serves as banner notifications on iOS. They should also have a fall and answer icon that people can easily click.

System Designed For Notifications

People want Apple to rebuild their notification system. The major issue is that the drop-down currently looks like a lock screen for notifications. There should not be a time and date on a large part of the notification area.

iOS 14 Features :

Automatic notification grouping can be reverted depending on the app. This feature helped a lot in managing information in previous iOS versions.

iOS 14 Release Data

The expected model functions of iOS were published on the developers' conference page. Experts also started acquiring early beta versions of iOS 14.

IOS 13 was a mix with the bring. Apple introduced iOS 13.1.3 and not beta 9 for that iOS. The Model 13 iOS was released in August, but it was revealed that it was not ready. He said it had insects.

Given the delay of the previous iOS version, it is not easy to determine when version 14 can be released. But we expect the 1st 14 beta to come soon after the Model 1 developer beta. Apple may produce a beta model by the time iOS 14 arrives.

We believe this will happen before the end of September 2020. But then, it will be determined from the day when the iPhones of the coming year come on the market. This is because Apple normally produces the latest iOS a day before or during the release of new iPhones.

The Conclusion

The iOS new version is currently the most discussed launch, and are the main features that users are expected to see. The reputation of the previous version, iOS 13 is not good. In fact, since it was released, several updates have been made to address its issues, including visual glitches, missing features, and crash applications.

That iOS version was a minor glitch, and that's why people are so eager to see the enhancements in iOS 14. If you want to contribute in this subject, write to us. And if you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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Thomas Glare is a technologist who has analyzed all previous versions of Apple iOS. He also analyzed what iOS fans want, and the features he talked about here are the main ones people want to see in this year's new iOS version.

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