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Share Auido In iOS 13

Audio sharing in iOS 13 enables two users to enjoy music from one device, and that too via Bluetooth. Running iOS 13 on your iPhone and iPad, you can share audio files including songs, podcasts, audio novels, movies and videos. The feature acts like an earphone splitter that we used to work with in the days of the 3.5mm jack. You can overcome the hassle of wiring and splitter by knowing how audio sharing works on your iPhone and iPad in iOS 13.

How to share audio in iPhone

How To Share Audio in iOS 13 on iPhones And iPads

This feature basically uses Bluetooth as well as puts the audio playing in your earphones / headphones on your friends' earphones. Previously you could pair multiple Bluetooth devices with your iPhone, but could only connect to one at a time. iOS 13 has gone a step ahead with audio sharing, now you can pair two earphones at the same time and also play audio in both headsets.

While another feature of pairing two AirPods with one device allows you to share audio, audio sharing works a little differently. The latter will enable you to share audio in iOS 13 without adding additional devices; That is, you do not necessarily have to pair secondary Airpods or any other compatible Bluetooth headphones. This will temporarily connect other earphones and forget them once not in use.

Note: This feature does not support any third-party app so far, nor does it allow you to share calls.

All The iOS 13 Devices And Bluetooth Earphones That Support Audio Sharing

As mentioned above, audio sharing is an iOS 13 feature; Thus, devices compatible with the latest iOS and iPadOS fall under the umbrella. While not all devices, here is a brief list of devices that support audio sharing according to Apple support.

  • iPhone Models - iPhone 8 and later
  • Ipod touch 7th generation
  • iPad Pro - 12.9 (second generation and later), 11, 10.5 inches
  • iPad - 5th generation and later
  • IPad Air - Third Generation
  • iPad Mini - 5th Generation

For earpieces, any wireless headphones or earbuds that are powered by an H1 or W1 chip provide support for audio sharing. Here is a list of audio sharing assistant Bluetooth devices according to Apple Support:

  • AirPods - First Generation or Later
  • Powerbeats Pro
  • Powerbeats3
  • Bito Solo 3 Wireless
  • Studio3 Wireless Beats
  • BeatsX

How To Start Audio Sharing In iOS 13

Whether you are using an Airpods or any other headphones or secondary Airpods in their case or not, you can share audio from your iPhone or iPad with a compatible pair of headphones or earbuds. Audio sharing provides several options for sharing, including smart voice controllers. Let's see how it all works:

Audio Sharing For AirPods That Are On The Case

Before you start sharing audio:

  • Your earphones / headphones must be connected to your device.
  • Secondary Airpods must be inside their case and connected to their coupled devices.

Step 1. Keep your earphones / headphones in your ear and bring secondary airpods to your iPhone or iPad with an open charging case.

Step 2. After a few seconds, a pop-up will temporarily share the audio. Tap on the option and follow the on-screen instructions. If this auto option does not occur, you can activate the option manually.

Step 3. Access the airplay icon from the control center

   How to share audio in iPhone

Step 4. Tap on the name of your AirPod and choose Share Audio.

How to share audio in iPhone

Step 5. Bring another set of AirPods next to your device with an open case, tap on Share Audio.

Step 6. Hold the power button on the case for a few seconds.

How to share audio in iPhone

Once done, temporary pairing is successful and you can now share audio on those secondary AirPods.

Audio Sharing For AirPods That Is Being Used

If other AirPods are out of their case and are being used, then you need to follow these instructions: -

  • Make sure your earphone is connected to the primary device (a playing music)
  • Second Airpods must be connected to their respective iOS devices and in-ear

Step 1. Wear your AirPods.

Step 2. Now you have access to the AirPlay icon AirPlay icon, this can be done in three ways.

How to share audio in iPhone

  • Now open the Now Playing controls in any music app you are using and tap the AirPlay AirPlay icon.
  • You can also access this feature from the Control Center, in the Music section tap on the AirPlay AirPlay icon.
  • If you are listening or listening to music, the lock screen will display the Now Playing Control, tap on the AirPlay AirPlay icon.

Step 3. Just below the name of your earphone or headphones, tap on Share Audio.

How to share audio in iPhone

Step 4. Get your device closer to other iOS devices. After a few seconds, a pop-up will prompt, tap on the share audio again.

Audio Sharing For Other Compatible Bluetooth Headphones / Earphones

  • Your earphones or headphones must be connected to your iPhone
  • Other headphones should be connected to your friend's iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Step 1. Briefly press the power button on other earphones / headphones, Apple suggests press for less than 1 second.

Step 2. Wear your earphones / headphones and move your iPhones to other earphones / headphones.

Step 3. A popup will prompt to temporarily share audio, tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions.
If you encounter a problem connecting secondary earphones or headphones, check Settings → Bluetooth. Here, to connect earphones, under My Devices, tap its name.

How To Control Volume While Sharing

The most important aspect of any audio file is the audio output. You already have a great earphones / headphones, all you have to do is adjust the volume to your liking for an amazing audio sharing. Primary devices can control the volume, play, pause, and pause their audio with controls on the control center or lock screen or now playing controls. Like this: -

Step 1. Tap on the Airplay AirPlay icon icon in the Control Center or Now Playing Control or Lock Screen.

Step 2. You can manage the volume in three different ways.

Mutually - Tap on the sound controller at the bottom of the dialog box and move it up and down to adjust the volume of both earphones.
Yours - Tap on the voice controller next to your earphones and flip it up and down to adjust the volume without affecting the volume of other earphones.
Other Earphones - Tap on the voice controller next to other earphones and move it up and down to adjust the volume without affecting your volume settings.

As with other devices, the volume of their earphones can be managed through a lock screen or control center. The volume of both earphones can be controlled individually through audio controls on each earphone.

How To Share Audio Sharing In iOS 13

Step 1. Tap on the Airplay AirPlay icon icon in the Control Center or Now Playing Control or Lock Screen.

Step 2. Tap the checkmark next to the earphones you want to stop sharing.

The second set of earphones will automatically disconnect as soon as you stop sharing audio.

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let the music play!!!

IOS 13 brings an array of new, innovative and smart features to the table, with Dark Mode enabled with the Improved Reminder app. One such big feature is dubbed as audio sharing. The great thing about this is that while sharing, the audio output is not compromised, which was often the case in most earphone splitters. Apple is a great company when it comes to incorporating features, and given all of the above options, this feature has been well thought out.

Have you tried this feature yet? What is your favorite iOS 13 feature? Tell us in the comments section below or join us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. For more such exciting features, tips, tricks, hacks and how-to's, download our iOS app.

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