7 Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps That You Must Use

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Thanks to continuous improvements in both hardware and software, the Apple Watch has become one of the best tools for anyone to get more healthy and fit. Due to the built-in GPS, heart rate tracker and other technology, you will have a personal fitness trainer on your wrist.

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Each day, you can see how many calories you have burned and the amount of exercise you have recorded. And the more data the wearable device collects, the more insight it provides.

Here are some great apps for any Apple Watch owner following a healthy lifestyle.

1. Activity

The Activity app on the Apple Watch is a central part of your fitness journey. It is responsible for your three activity rings that help you reach the move, exercise and stand goal. And the rings of activity will be shown every day with useful information for your favorite Apple Watch face.

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When you open the Activity app, you will see the first three rings. Scroll down and you'll find statistics such as how many steps you've walked, time spent in workouts, and calories burned.

The Activity app on the watch is limited to daytime activity. Open the Activity app on your iPhone to see more detailed statistics. Also, you will also get a detailed breakdown of each workout done so far.

2. Workout

Apple's built-in workout app is well designed and easy to use. Launch the Workout app and swipe to see the types of workouts.

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Depending on your Apple Watch and WatchOS version, you'll see activities like walking, running, swimming, high-intensity workouts, cycling, and more.

The Workout app also supports indoor activities, making the Apple Watch the perfect gym companion. If you are sweating out doing a lot of different activities, then just choose the other workout type. Your Apple Watch will then track the calories burned based on your movement and heart rate.

If you are having any problems using the app, make sure that you have connected your Apple Watch correctly.

3. Nike + Run Club

The Nike + Run Club calls itself the perfect running partner; This is one of the few times where a tagline is actually true. When you are out on your run, the Nike + Run Club app has everything you need. You can start by setting a goal or try a guided audio workout. The app will track your speed, distance, time and heart rate in real time.

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The best aspect of the app is a supportive community. You can participate in weekly and monthly challenges, unlock achievements, compete with leaderboards, and cheer your friends as they are on the run.

4. SmartGame

Going to the gym is a great way to burn calories and stay fit. But it is very difficult to know where to start, especially for newcomers. SmartGym comes to the rescue - it's a great way to help you get the most out of your workouts.

The application has over 250 exercises with images and animations. There are also a number of premiere workouts created by professionals to choose from, including some HIIT options.

5. Workouts++

When you use the Workout app a few times, you will start seeing its limitations. There is no way to customize the statistics screen and you cannot see any performance graph. Workout ++ is your answer.

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The app has an efficiently designed workout screen, which provides six stats. You can choose to add the matrices you care about and leave the rest.

6. Pocket Yoga

Roll your mats anywhere with Pocket Yoga. The app features 27 different yoga sessions of different duration and difficulty in selecting. In total, over 200 different poses are available to try. Also, each pose in the iPhone app has a dictionary with a description and benefits of each.

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But instead of trying to fiddle with your phone during a session, the Apple Watch app is a great way to keep track of your workouts. On the clock screen, you will see the current currency and the remaining time. It will show your heart rate, calorie burn, and more.

7. MySwimpro: Swim Workouts

As long as you have the Apple Watch Series 2 or later, you're ready to hit the pool with a wearable device. MySwimPro: Swim Workout is a full-featured app that focuses on helping you fit in the water at your level of experience in the pool. You can load custom workouts on the Apple Watch or choose from several preset options.

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While in the water, you can see important information such as the current workout, what's happening next, time in the water, swim distance, heart rate, and more.

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