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iPadOS 13 Best Features

  Looks like iPadOS 13 features almost everything that many iPad users had been craving to get: 
A desktop-classing web browsing,a top-notch file management system and what not.

Apple iPadOS 13 Features

If the iPad could ever turn into a full-fledged replacement of modern laptops and even surpass in terms of functionality, the iPadOS 13 could prove to be a monumental change. To believe this huge possibility, all you have to do is take a small spin on the iPadOS feature. Actually.

Even though I have always admired the iPad and loved using it, I have never found it a complete notebook killer. The absence of a top notch web browsing experience and enhanced file-management system have always put the tablet a step back.

With Apple carving out a standalone OS for the iPad, things are likely to change for the better. Adequate praise, let's see what the new operating system has to offer!

iPadOS 13 Features

Very Beautiful Home Screen

iPadOS with a small tight grid of icons on a very neat and clean home screen. This can allow you to easily pin widgets on the home screen.

Super Handy Slideover

SlideOver promotes big time multitasking. With a quick swipe to the bottom, you can instantly access a bunch of apps you've inserted into SlideOver.

Wicked Cool Three-Finger-Gestures

Another thing that caught my eye in iPadOS is the three-finger gesture. You can use it to do many things more easily. For example, you will be able to use a three-finger pinch, a paste to spread the three-finger, and a three-finger swipe to undo.

Oh yes, you can also take advantage of a three-finger gesture to cut with a double tap. Can't wait to try my hand at this new add-on.

Mouse Support

The OS reportedly has mouse support, allowing you to connect a USB mouse to the iPad. One thing to note is that this is not a standard feature as it is introduced as an associated auxiliary option within the accessibility setting. In addition, it is also said to work with the Apple Magic trackpad.

To be fair, I am completely addicted to butter smooth swipe gestures on the iPad now. As a result, I rarely missed the lack of support for the mouse. However, I always believed that its support could make the tablet more user-friendly as there are many users who prefer to interact with the device in an old-school way. In addition, it seems to be a better option, especially when you want to use your device extensively - over a long period of time.

Multi-Windows Capability

Thanks to the multi-windows capability, you will now be able to use a partition view from within a single application. Even better, the OS will allow you to use these windows in other apps as well.

This feature can basically come into play when you are making a comprehensive note or creating a project and want to see important things non-stop from one end to the other.

More Powerful Files Application

If a powerful files app is what you were looking for in the iPad, chances are high that you will eventually embrace the operating system.

Now on iOS, the Files app loves a column view. So, everything will look more organized and streamlined.

It also has an information pane that allows you to make small modifications to files. Also, support for iCloud Drive folder sharing seems to be a fine addition.

Desktop-Class Browsing

You wanted it big time, didn't you? Therefore, many of us yearn for desktop-class web browsing on the iPad. And from what I can tell, it seems that Apple is headed in the right direction.

Safari now auto-optimizes websites for touch so you can navigate through web pages faster. What's more, there are 30 keyboard shortcuts to let you work more efficiently. In addition, it comes with a standalone download manager, which lets you control all downloads and keep clutter at bay.

Apple Pencil Latency Dropped To 9ms

If you use Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro, you'll be glad to know that the tech giant dropped latency from 20ms to 9ms. This means that the digital pen will now run more smoothly on the tablet, allowing you to make notes, craft images, and even amazing logos more efficient.

Apple has also refined the standard Apple Pencil tool palette and allowed that third-party apps can use it. Now, when you drag the pencil from the corner, it will capture a screenshot of the markup.

So that's it!

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As you have a look at iPadOS and what it is loaded with, offer your thoughts on it. Also, describe the things you want to add to the operating system to make it more efficient.

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