Apple Watch News: Shipments Grew By 51 percent in Q3 2019

Apple Watch News Q3 2019

According to the market research firm, Apple Watch has "a long way ahead" in smartwatch shipments until Q3 2019. Samsung has established itself as the No. 2 competitor, with the overall Apple Watch marketshare growing by 47.9 percent.

Apple Watch News: Shipments Grew By 51 percent in Q3 2019

The Apple Watch remains the market leader in the smartwatch industry. Market research firm Strategy Analytics indicated that Apple's global smartwatch shipments grew by 51 percent compared to Q3 2019. This is slightly lower than the 73 percent growth experienced by Samsung in the same period. However, Apple's shipment of 6.8 million units dwarfed Samsung's 1.9 million.

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple's total market share has risen to 47.9 percent by Q3 2019. Strategy Analytics describes him as a "clear industry leader". Fitbit, meanwhile, reported a substantial decline in its marketshare from 15 percent last year. Currently just 11.3 percent. This was a slight, 7 percent increase in sales year-on-year.

Smartwatch Industry Grows As Apple Leads

These numbers tell us some important things. For a start, the smartwatch industry is not in decline, despite what naysayers can claim. 42% year-on-year growth for the market. This means that people are buying more smartwatches than before and adoption rates are also increasing.

However, a major consolidation is underway in the market. Most of the development was concentrated with the two largest players, Apple and Samsung. Meanwhile, an early bird contender, Fitbit, which Google is now acquiring, is seeing its share shrink. Overall Strategy Analytics said this about Apple Watch's position in the market:

Apple shipped 6.8 million smartwatches worldwide in Q3 2019, up from 4.5 million in Q3 2018 — an average of 51 percent. The Apple Watch is well ahead of the chase pack and its global smartwatch marketshare has grown from 45 percent to 48 percent. Previous year. The Apple Watch continues to withstand strong competition from hungry rivals such as Fitbit and Samsung. Apple Watch has half the smartwatch market worldwide and remains the clear leader of the industry.

It is interesting to note that Apple itself has not released official sales data for Apple Watch units. However, analysis firms are able to make reasonable estimates based on revenue. The remarkable versatility of the Apple Watch is a key factor behind its market success, with the device even saving lives.

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