YouTube Vs Blogging: Income, Difficulties And Result, Which One Is Best For You

Youtube Vs Blogging

Content marketing of all kinds continues to grow in popularity only, and if you haven't started jumping on the content bandwagon yet, it's time. The major issue that most people have is the beginning of creating their own content.

YouTube Vs Blogging
YouTube Vs Blogging

When it comes to starting your content marketing efforts, there are two major mediums you should use when you are getting started: Blog and Video. These are the two easiest places that indicate the most busyness, but which one do you choose?

Let's take a look at the differences with video content and blogging to find out which one you should jump into first.

Video content on YouTube

Creating video content is a great place to start your content creation, but there is a catch. Creating high-quality video can be expensive and time consuming. Much of the expense comes in the form of purchasing quality cameras and editing software. If you already have it, congratulations, the entry bar just collapsed. Videos are a great way to connect with your audience in one of the most personalized formats available online. On top of that, video is one of the mediums that continues to grow from year to year.

However, if the idea is to come in front of the camera and be the face and voice of your brand, there are many other options as well. For example, the explainer video works very well as YouTube, social media and blog content. And what's better, however, is that there are plenty of low-cost and reliable drag and drop solutions to create your short black and white videos in a matter of minutes.

No matter what type of video you want to make, the growth of video continues due to the increase in smartphone usage. These small devices make it easy for people to connect to the Internet because access is in their pocket.

When you start making videos, you want to create a video production timeline. This includes production from finding the right people in video storyboards to final editing.

Formatting your video content

There is a great format that large agencies and companies use to make their videos, and if you plan to create video content, you should use this format as well.

The best video format looks like this:

  • Hook (10 seconds of a few seconds later in the video for viewers)
  • It can also be replaced with an introduction.
  • An introduction (a recurring introduction that you use for all your videos)
  • A problem (show common problems that many people have that fix your product or services)
  • Show solutions (show how your product or service takes care of the problem)
  • Ask for action (tell them how to take the next step in case they are already sold)
  • Destroy doubt with testimonials (take time to fill the holes that people can see in the pitch. This can be done with testimonials, footage of items being used in various ways, or offered by you Can explain more about the potential
  • Signature asking for more action (then tell them where to go or what to do)

If you format your video properly, you are more likely to develop an interest in engagement with your customer. If your goal is to make the most watched YouTube videos of this year, then you should really watch this format. Think about it, if you've ever seen an infomercial, you've seen this format, and it proves to work the test of time.


Blogging is another great place to start, and it has a huge advantage over video, the cost of entry. If you can write, you can blog. All of this is a place to showcase those blogs, and it's ultimately cheaper than any camera you can buy for video production.

The only major downside to blogging is not having the knowledge or know-how to make those posts organically. The biggest things you can learn to help make your blogging a success are keyword research, blog style, keeping it simple.

Keyword Research

There are specific keywords that are related to your posts that will give your blog more ability to draw organic traffic. Basically, if the word is highly searched and you use it in your post, then you have the opportunity to rank for that post because the search engine lists your page. This can also be done for your video title.

Blog Style

Style is important when you are trying to establish a successful blog post. If you just write a block of content and post it online, it can be difficult to determine the meaning and value for search engine bots. You want to break up your content with titles that describe sections that readers are about to read.

If you are wondering what that looks like, you can see this post. If you really want to know what is the best setup possible for a post, you want to see something like HubSpot's inbound marketing course. This course will take you through the requirements and styles of great content, and it provides you with a great framework for building your blog posts. The best part of this course is the price: free.

Keep It Simple

Remember, you are being sorted by robots, and although they can do some surprising things with the information given, robots perform better with simpler tasks. This means that keeping your writing simple will help bots make your content easier. If you can best explain the subject with the easiest to understand vocabulary, you are likely to rank higher than using complex sentence structures and words. The rule of thumb that you should shoot is writing at the 5th grade level when possible.

If You Can, Do Both YouTube and Blogging 

If you are wondering which one is better than the other, there is no right answer when it comes to creating quality content for your audience.

The true answer in the true sense is that doing both together will create one or more better user experiences. When you put the power of video in the blog's content with the organic ranking of the keyword, you get a more developed piece of content, which has more ability to give you ranking in search engine results.

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