Google Pay Now Supports Biometric Facial Recognition

Google Play New Biometrics Feature

Slowly but surely we're seeing apps get updated with support for Android's BiometricPrompt API, a new back-end language that accepts more biometric methods of authentication than just fingerprint readers. Of course, since Google launched Pixel 4, the first Android phone to carry hardware that is sophisticated enough to replace your fingerprint with your face.

Google Pay is the latest app to support facial recognition in addition to fingerprint recognition and, surprisingly enough, is the first Google app of its kind to support this feature. The main reason for this is that most Google apps only use your Google Account for authentication, which you already log in to own an Android phone.
Google Pay now supports biometric facial recognition
Google Pay New Biometric Feature

People who already have Pixel 4 and use Google Pay on a daily basis can smile knowing that all they have to do is pay for goods at a terminal or while sending money to friends and family. Look at the phone. The Google app will automatically identify you before going through any transaction, verifying that you are, in fact, trying to spend your money. Install the update on the Google Play Store to get the new feature and enable "Use Bio-metrics" under the "Sending-Money" section of the application's settings.

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As is so common with Google products, the rest of Google teams are flirting to bring together pieces of the puzzle and support Google's latest push for facial recognition authentication on fingerprint recognition. The result is that only a few apps support facial recognition as a way to log in, but Google needs to implement support for outgoing biometricprompt API in-app updates to all developers after November 1, 2019 is required.

This means that, while your banking or other preferred app does not necessarily support facial recognition after November 1, then the next update they release after November 1 will support technology other than fingerprint recognition. would be required . This is great news for all Pixel 4 devices, whichare likely to be sold this Holiday season, as well as for future Android devices that include facial recognition hardware on the device.

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