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Drupal Web Development - Upgrade Drupal 7 Website To Drupal 8

First of all let me tell you, What Drupal actuall is ?

Drupal is independent, open source software that can be used by individuals or groups of users - even those lacking technical skills - to easily create and manage a variety of web sites. The application includes a content management platform and a development framework.

Type of sites Drupal can be used for - 

  • Blog
  • Personal corporate website
  • Portals
  • Forums
  • E-commerce sites
  • Intranets
  • Resource directories
  • Social Networking Sites

Drupal is written in the PHP programming language. The software is ready for download and includes web-based installers and add-on modules. The software supports content management, collaborative authoring, newspapers, podcasts, image galleries, peer-to-peer networking, file upload / download and more.

Drupal originated as a bulletin board system, developed by Dries Buytaert in the Netherlands, and became an open source project in 2001. While setting up his original Drop.org website, Cretart tried to call the site "dorp" ("village") in Dutch. But made a typo when checking the domain name, and decided that the changed form looked better (Drupal Dutch means "druppel" which is a droplet). Drupal has been downloaded over a million times and is the focus of a large development community.

Reasons To Upgrade Drupal 7 Website To Drupal 8 

Drupal 8 has been available for website development for the last two years, but if you are doing a website based on Drupal 7, this is the best time to upgrade and we have strong reasons to prove it. Well, if you are using Drupal 7, the latest security updates and features will not be provided on your website. Your Drupal website design can be sensitive to security threats and requires a lot of effort to get the latest security patches from the community or build your own.

Drupal 8 is a huge improvement over Drupal 7. What is your condition before doing this? Here in this blog, the major reasons for the upgrade are mentioned, but before that, some things that are important to know are discussed before starting a project.

Why Drupal is recommended?

It is an open-source platform with new modules, core software as well as themes to create a user-friendly website.

After API support, Drupal users can instantly connect to social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Drupal has predefined SEO features that help brands rank their websites in Google results. This guarantees a better online presence of the website and provides a method for effective marketing. There are several Drupal web development company which helps you/your website/blog to upgrade from Drupal
Drupal 8

Upgrade prerequisites

Upgrading is not a click process and requires many steps which are very important in every step. There are a few steps you must take before performing any code optimization or content:

1. Do you still want the same site?

Upgrading is a great time to reevaluate the functionality and engagement of your website. You have been running a website for some time, is there any customization required? Need to add any new features that were not possible before because how was the old website designed? Although upgrades are done in such a way that everything remains the same for website visitors, it is perfect for Hire Drupal developers to make any possible improvements to the website. Maybe your website only needs a face lift or some bug resolution, which was not possible when you first created the site. Upgrading is the perfect way to see things afresh.

2. How are you migrating?

An important element of most upgrades is the migration of new content and content details from the old website. The Drupal 8 database is structured in a different way than Drupal 7, which means that website code cannot be swapped when upgrading the same database. All content needs to be moved to a new database and optimized for Drupal 8 separate structure. This is a huge step forward in how the Drupal upgrade previously worked.

Reasons to upgrade

Drupal 8 has over 100 new features as well as Drupal 7 version. It brings features to build a user-friendly website, efficient data structure, with an active API for multilingual support. Upgrade to Drupal 8 to improve your business website.

Here are some amazing features of Drupal 8

1. Better performance

The latest version of Drupal features Big Pipe technology that helps a website display better front-end performance as it loads and caches content. Facebook developed the technology, it helps to separate a website into static and non-static elements for priority. Thus, Drupal 8 has a much faster loading speed than older versions.

2. Advance Security Mechanism

The security level of Drupal 8 CMS is amazing for website development. This system is mentioned below as follows:

Users' passwords are saved as hashes by applying the salt and qualitative hash approach. This prevents brute force attacks from occurring.

The site configuration can be saved and compared to the earlier version. What's more, you can save it in the code repository only with the help of the features module. This is an amazing solution that reduces the possibility of any database threat.

Advanced permission features give the authority to define user roles and assign activities to perform on the website. The Drupal community has put a lot of effort on this, and today it results in a high level of security.

The error reporting mechanism handles every security breach, including missing ht access files in important directories.

The update provides the freedom to download and install the latest versions of the module directly from the system admin panel. It is very convenient on shared hosting.

The templates have the latest mechanisms to protect against XSS and CSRF attacks.

The cache feature allows a website to be protected against DoS attacks.

It is possible to encrypt the database completely.

It is very pleasant for business enterprises to know that Drupal works according to the Open Web Application Security Project standard, which a modern web project should have.

3. Community Support

The way to use CMS is very important. Drupal CMS is often used by large corporations and government institutions. Even industry giants like Tesla, Nokia, London, Los Angeles, Harvard University and NASA have used this CMS. All of these organizations require a secure website and perform many internal audits. If a vulnerability is found, it is resolved only by the team of Drupal developers. The support offered to the big tech giants is very important and for this, open-source code is available for other developers and beginners to learn and leverage it.

Wrapping Up:

As we have just discussed in the above blog, there are many reasons to say that Drupal 8 is the best CMS for web development. If you are looking for a reliable CMS for your business website development, then consider Drupal without hesitation. Drupal has attractive things and you can easily integrate it to configure your brand in the market. Drupal has many reasons to please and everyone likes it. Whether you are developing a website by yourself, or outsourcing it to Drupal Development Company, you will be amazed by the benefits and features of this CMS. Drupal always keeps itself with the latest trends and is considered a platform that is well aware of delivering the right content at the right time.

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